Title 24 Verification - (HERS Test)

ERE Inspections provides Title 24 Verifications for residential and commercial projects. 

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What is a HERS Test?

HERS testing is required by California's Title 24 Energy Code.

ERE will perform duct leakage testing, refrigerant charge verification, cooling coil airflow testing, and/or fan efficacy testing as required by CalCerts.  See the table below for explanation on CalCerts testing requirements pertaining to the scope of work and climate zone of the residence.  ERE highly recommends that a representative of the contracting company accompany our HERS inspector in case any adjustments need to be made.  ERE will perform all required tests even if one or more tests have failed.  ERE will charge a discounted rate if duct leakage testing is the only required test.  ERE is happy to complete the CF1R and CF2R forms on behalf of the contractor, along with the CF3R forms, at no additional charge.

Duct Leakage Test
HERS Rating
Blower Door Test
HERS Testing
Duct leakage test